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Yoga of Jesus Christ


Pay attention, please, to the fact that Windows Media Player does not allow choosing either a language of the track or subtitles integrated into video MKV file. Watch MKV-video with Media Player Classic or KMPlayer.

See system requirements

System requirements: 2.4GHz Pentium 4 or faster CPU (on slower systems, playback may skip).

You can download the films in WMV or MKV format. If your system does not recognize MKV format, download and install K-Lite Codec Pack ("standard" or "full" version).

Also for playing video in MKV-format we recommend you download the latest version of the «Media Player Classic».

To display subtitles, you need to change your video settings. To do this, select «Options» in the menu «View». Then go to the section «Playback > Output».

In «DirectShow Video» choose «VMR7 (renderless)».

Here you can also choose font settings in the section «Subtitles > Default Style».

Click «OK» and then load the video file. You can select a subtitle language in section «Subtitle» in the menu «Play».

You can select audio language in the section «Audio» in the menu «Play».

Enjoy your viewing!


The Sanskrit word "Yoga" is a synonym of the Latin word "religion", which means “Path to the Mergence with the Creator”. This Path implies the assimilation of the necessary theoretical knowledge, ethical and bio-energetic refinement, and then further self-transformation through the art of meditation for the sake of the cognition of the Creator and Mergence with Him.

From the study of the New Testament and apocryphal Gospels, it follows that Jesus taught all this to His closest disciples.

In detail we talk about this in a given film-lecture.


Parte I: 52 min.

Parte II: 76 min.

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