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Photogallery Immersion into Quietness

Meditative attunement with the beauty of living nature can help one to gain the inner harmony and quietness — hesychia.

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Photogallery Living Nature

Photographs of living nature: mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, insects, plants.

“God is Love” — this is a statement of Jesus Christ. And we too — on the path to God — have to transform ourselves into love. In particular, we have to learn to love His Creation — from these small manifestations up to the whole Creation. Through this we will learn to love the Creator.

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Photogallery Refinement of Consciousness


Selection of photographs for meditative attunement to subtle phenomena of living nature.

More than 150 images.

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Photogallery Man — Nature — God

Contacts with living nature are essential for spiritual growth.

Moreover, only in open natural landscapes — in contrast to "boxes" of city apartments and "corridors" of streets — is it possible to expand, to open wide the refined consciousness in order to literally grow its size.

... Let me repeat that emotions are states of the consciousness. And the consciousness is what we are. Depending on what states of the consciousness we experience — we can be closer or farther from the Creator.

This photogallery can help us master subtle emotional states of love for nature at the initial stages of spiritual work.

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Photogallery Lucie Payette

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