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Sattva of Mists

Sattva of Mists

See system requirements

System requirements: 2.4GHz Pentium 4 or faster CPU (on slower systems, playing may be skipping).

You can download the films in WMV or MKV format. If your system does not recognize MKV format, download and install K-Lite Codec Pack ("standard" or "full" version).

Also for playing video in MKV-format we can recommend you to download the latest version of the «Media Player Classic».

To display subtitles, you need to configurate video settings. To do this, select «Options» in the menu «View». Then go to the section «Playback > Output».

In «DirectShow Video» choose «VMR7 (renderless)».

Right here you can also choose properties of the font of the subtitles in the section «Subtitles > Default Style».

Click «OK» and then load the video file. You can select a subtitle language in section «Subtitle» in the menu «Play».

You can select audio language in the section «Audio» in the menu «Play».

Enjoy your viewing!


Subtle beauty of morning seen in living nature helps one to get rid of heavy emotional states, to heal the body and soul, to approach cognition of the Source of all beautiful.

The film presents the beauty of morning mists and songs of birds, verses and explanation of the methodology of spiritual development.

Duration: 70 min.







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